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Crystal Real Estate (CRE) is a real estate company formed in 2021. Our head office is in Manchester, United Kingdom, from where we operate properties throughout the UK. Our operation in the UK focuses primarily on Buy-to-Let properties in every area of the UK.

We also have international operations in Ghana where we specialises in land acquisition, design & build and property management.


We are what we do and we just love doing it.

Design & Building

We are your number one contact whenever you want to build on a piece of land. We can help you clear, level and start the…

Land Acquisition

We can help you acquire a piece of land for your business or residential development.

Property Management

Need a renovation done on your building? Do you want to face-lift your building or bring back to life an old dilapidated building? We are…

Buy to Let Properties

We operate Buy-to-let properties across the UK.

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