About Us

Crystal Real Estate (CRE) is a real estate company formed in 2021. Our head office is in Manchester, United Kingdom, from where we operate properties throughout the UK. Our operation in the UK focuses primarily on Buy-to-Let properties in every area of the UK.

We also have international operations in Ghana where we specialises in land acquisition, design & build and property management.

Our clients are provided with unstinting advice and assistance along with a focused approach to finding cost effective solutions to their problems from acquisition to construction and beyond. Our clientele include people from various backgrounds with differing aspirations including people wishing to invest in holiday homes, beach front properties, build to rent apartments, building own home and seeking advice on land acquisitions. We also advise people with land on how to maximise the value of the land.

Our team have extensive experience in property acquisition, development and management and are uniquely placed to advise clients and help them fulfil their aspirations.

Our excellent relationships with land owners and professionals in the building trade are key to the delivery of our clients’ aims and objectives and we bring our knowledge of the property industry in Ghana and our specialist understanding of the building process to every job we do.

We pride ourselves on building excellent relationship with our clients and stakeholders in the property industry as well local community leaders. This allows us to work with clients and stakeholders to identify potential issues early in the delivery of any scheme which is an invaluable alliance to deliver timely cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Our underlying ethos is to provide cost effective solutions to our clients to yield great return on their investments.